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NYbill @NYbill

Note to self, figure out dB's. (I'm not finding it intuitive so far.)

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@jezra all the deebees. (Decibels). I can do the calculations as written in the book. But, I havn't grocked it yet.

hahaha, I thinking about DataBases

@jezra Well, I recommend you avoid logorythmic Databases.

@NYbill It's logarithmic so a little means a lot at the high end; watch out for your ears. dBa vs dBz... who even knows.
Are you making audio things?

@gws I'm reading the second of 3 books for HAM radio licensing.

I get he concept. I've used audio taper pots which control logorythmicly.

I've just never had to think in DB's. Converting voltage and freq in in and out of the dB units.