@theru ha, nice. You get to attend HOPE a bit, vicariously. Those are sent out in the antique mail shoot in the hotel Penn lobby.

@NYbill :-) maybe one day in person - sadly it's the wrong time if year for me right now

@theru We'll, Hackers on Planet Earth isn't till 2020 next. But, if you're ever over this way I'll take the train down for a few pints!

@theru we should import @NYbill to the continent, I guess we are more over here and @dick_turpin would be pleased a lot.


@theru @dick_turpin @tpheine a blast from the past. Here is the first trip over. The second and 3rd trip are in my Mediagoblin instance.

(What Flickr update ruined my nick!)


@theru @dick_turpin @tpheine i think I made it one year before him. Look way back to the beginning of my Mediagoblin instance. He'll be in some of those.

@notclacke @NYbill @perloid @theru @timttmy If you look close enough you can see in at least one picture that we even ironed my avatar on my shirt.

@beni @timttmy @theru @perloid @NYbill Actually I suppose you're the one who looks the *most* similar to your avatar. :-D
I should get an upside-down Minmay t-shirt for FOSDEM. :-)
@theru @dick_turpin @tpheine @nybill I do like the pic of Redbrain, myself and my very worried looking brother. :D But now you have me thinking of what Redbrain's up to these days? Maybe he's been lost to google never to be seen again!

@timttmy @tpheine @theru @dick_turpin Yea, and Black Crow was in there. Haven't heard a peep from him in years!

@tpheine @NYbill @theru @dick_turpin @beni I've found Redbrain! ( I bet he didn't know he was lost!)
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