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With so much bad in the world. Enjoy the good! Music is good! ✊

Want it loud?
Will you gonna get it!
09:00 EST/01:00 UTC is a new Prime Time Organized Chaos on

Want to keep it going 10:00/02:00UTC flip to and keep the volume loud! Even better drop in on openVoip with us in the background....LoL ✌️

Taking the fediverse to 11!

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Back from my grocery run in time for DJ @snowdusk on the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix on #SDF's #aNONradio. 🎶 :flan_headphones: 🎶 #IGWM

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Hello Fediverse! 🌍 It's that time again! ☝️ Intergalactic Wasabi Mix with me, snowdusk, will be streaming on in about 30 minutes! Please tune in from 2300-2400 UTC if your ears are free! 🚀 Let's go $ tonite! ☎️ 🍭 🎶 See you on COM!

Asked to see if I can bring Chaos back on Sunday's 9:00 est/Mon 01:00 UTC will be fun going back to back with inner sanctum an hour later. Two completely different

Now most has leveled out at work/home I can start having fun again. Be nice to comm or irc during the shows. 🎧🤘🎧

Let's see what happens! I accumulated more vinyl some good pops and hiss to go with it all!


Listening to MBV remaster is incredible, it's just this wall of noise that comes at you, and it's so soothing. 🎧

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the sigh of relief that my computer makes when i close firefox with all the tabs

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Join Bronzie and the @SDF damgüdcyberchatter crew in the sub-basement virtual rec room to speak your mind and dance your heart to tunes that travelled the span time & space. 00:00 utc wednesday

Coats will be long, themes will be deep, and pants will be happy. Dress for casual success.

Come for the classic vibe, stay for the twists in time.

All are welcome, this means you! 🥳😎🤓😈👾👽🤖🤠🧔‍♀️👱🏾‍♀️👨‍🎤🧑‍🚀🧚🏽‍♂️🧜🏼‍♀️🦋🦄🐬

Anyone know how to configure SELINUX so it doesn't break php? Only thing I can't seem to get the recipe right for...bummer.

Hellllllpp!!! 😮

Spending way too much time in the manuals today. 😎

Hope everyone enjoyed the show. Thanks for tuning in! 🙏

Crank it up in about 30 min on tilde or chill on anonradio. Either way you win! 😉

*Naughty Bits Exposed* 

Tonight it's an all new innersanctum! Join us on and worship at the alter!

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