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Nothing better than Vikings from Hell! πŸ‘

If you have nothing to do, we’ll be broadcasting in 20 min on 13:00 UTC All welcome join irc or com for and meet new folks

Tomorrow on we leave scars! @ 13:00 UTC

This episode goes out to my comrade @snowdusk_ ✊

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Alright fedifam, I gotcha covered. Looking at your profile and this post, here are some interesting people:

Rock Climbing => @Gina climbs. Her latest post legit makes me nervous πŸ§—β€β™€οΈ

Sourdough => @ottaross will make the finest sourdough on fedi. Fight me otherwise. πŸ₯–

Photography => @teknari posts some seriously cool stuff if black and white and fine art are your jam. πŸ“·

Digital Music => This is sooo broad, but @hardmous + @MG do shows and stuff I like. 🀘

Welcome to the fedi!

Oi! I forgot my own shit. My internal cal is off. Haha CHAOS! πŸ‘

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