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#Eurovision #FRA
First of the big 5!!!
They've nicked this from an AmDram "dance remix" version of #LesMiserable, haven't they?

this Act from France reminds me of when watered down dance music was first getting in the pop charts in the early 90s

Romania’s lead singers’s outfit is quite something! Wouldn’t wear that to pop to Tesco’s

Part of the reason I love watching is the light shows. The technicians must have a field day setting it all up. All so top notch

Please tell me other countries have really sarcastic commentators like the UK does.

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I wanna test something, if you can see this post please vote. reblog for more reach, please.

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If ever I see a discarded shopping list I will have a read of it. Find it fascinating. Seen this person collects them!

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Question for my English speaking followers. I've just discovered "The Hollow Crown" I have problems to follow it even with subtitles due to the "old" complex and rich language. Do normal English speakers can follow it without problems or is it difficult even for you?

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Anyone looking for a start in Linux Support?

I've followed this company for years, they seem a great outfit to work for.

Hadn’t realised it was Friday the 13th. Maybe that explains why my alarm didn’t wake me and made the whole morning routine of getting the kids off to school more stressful.

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Nice write up about the coming #Giro2022 in cycling news by Philippa York.. particularly liked the bad taste that the Hungarian start and tacit support gives modern #cycling. It's nice to see that in a sport that is generally apolitical.

If you can't read it because of paywall... Just use incognito tab.. works for me!

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the North London derby is good viewing, unless you’re an Arsenal fan that is. Bit gutted as I can’t stand Kane so wanted Spurs to lose.

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