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>It's only one minute long, but this CCTV footage has a better narrative and more compelling character arcs than most of the arthouse films I've seen

Friend was trying to book a PCR test today and seems there’s no availability in England currently!

This year I’ve got a Tony’s advent calendar and thought it was a great idea by them.

Woke up this morning with the word obsidian at the forefront of my mind. No idea why.

@basil as much as I wanted you to lose at the weekend I’m hoping you win tonight! ⚽️ 😉👍

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My son is poorly so off school sick. Notified his school in the approved manner etc. Just had a message through their app saying he’s got detention today for talking in class! Not sure how that works seeing as he’s in bed watching cartoons. So much raw sewage is pouring into the sea near holiday beaches on the Kent coast that hundreds of ‘poop’ tomatoes are growing on the shoreline and from seeds in the human excrement, say appalled residents.

This Solihull Moors vs Wigan FA Cup match has been great. Who needs internationals for excitement?

Full weekend of football for my son this weekend which means a weekend of driving him around for me! Tournament with the county schoolboy side today and qualifiers for European tournament tomorrow with his academy.

So far today my bus to work was excruciatingly slow and now my colleague is in a really chatty mood. He’s explaining in great detail how every decision made by our new big boss is wrong.

@basil assume you’ve seen the now infamous Leeds “meal deal”?? 😆

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Social media profits off hate and anger because it generates more #engagement. Let’s fight back with compassion.

Take Control:

Pause → Remember there’s a real person behind the screen: Don’t be so quick to unfollow or publicly argue with someone who posts something you disagree with‍.

Be compassionate → Try a private message to ask why they feel that way, with genuine curiosity and a desire to understand.

#socialmedia #netiquette

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Time for a nice cup of… 🗳 #poll

The 4.5 tog duvet is off and the 10.5 tog duvet is on. It's officially autumn.

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This idea was pointed out to me yesterday, and now I can't stop thinking about it:

The music industry makes more money on existing music than on new music.

Marketing budgets go to get Country Roads featured in six films in one summer season, rather than to promote new artists.

Modern copyright law means that these companies can keep exploiting this backlog at the expense of new music for 100 years, but it's worse than that.


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Anyone in London: *Free* 80W bookshelf speakers (Mordaunt Short M10). Bought them for a tenner without looking at 'collection only'. Probly worth 40-50 quid. Keep em, sell em, give em away, whatever. They're in Richmond. DM me for details. Boost OK.

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