@vfrmedia in work data centre the door release button and the alarm button are right next to each other and of exactly the same design. Makes me so nervous every single time I go in there.

@envgen @vfrmedia if I wear my hearing aids when it’s really windy it sounds like that.

@andyc @basil I’m the same. I know I’d get too emotional watching it so am not brave enough to try.

@vfrmedia that or they shop in charity shops and aren’t fussed about what they wear!

Was looking in an old notebook this evening and found this cutting. It must be over 10 years old so have no idea where it’s from.

@theru @ghostdancer @basil @timttmy ha! A friend of mine represented the UK at the World Cold Water Swimming Championships in the >45 age group. Only because no one else from the UK applied to do it! 😂

@basil @theru :-) My last trip up north was to Chesterfield (which I know is hardly up north compared to you!) and I was amazed that I could stand outside one Greggs and see the next branch from where I was stood. Then go to that branch and it was the same again for another branch etc etc. It was like I was never out of sight of a Greggs!

@ghostdancer @timttmy @theru @basil my daughter just got back from the beach with her friends and think they got sunburnt.

@theru @basil Grimness and Greggs bakeries. That's all there is!

@basil 😂 Just turned the fan on to cool off!

That was genuinely an interesting day at work (and still is for another hour). Have been deleting VMs that I didn't know existed, that were on a VM host I didn't know existed, that runs VM software I didn't know existed. And yes I was meant to be doing it.

My long ranting response that I ultimately didn't post 

@ajroach42 totaly agree with you. I've got kids and a dog so probably have about an hour of "leisure" time an evening after work, commute, childcare, chores, errands, dog walk. I am too exhausted to do anything in my hour usually!

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