Troy Deeney refusing to return to training. Good for him I say.

"I can’t get a haircut until mid-July but I can go and get in a box with 19 people and jump for a header? I don’t know how that works."

Curious how many new subscribers BT Sport will get for showing the Bundesliga .

Whitehawk FC had a great match last night; conceded in the first minute and were losing 3-1 at half-time to Three Bridges. Then ended up winning 3-5! 1 player got a hattrick in 31 minutes. Whatever the manager said in the dressing room at half-time sure worked!

The producer of Amazon Prime’s upcoming series about Tottenham’s season has just rolled the fattest joint you’ve ever fucking seen. (stolen from twittster)

Off to watch play AVFC in Haribo Cup tonight. Most Albion fans seem pretty meh about this match but at least it's at home. Would have preferred a local lower league team though as the fans would have made a good atmosphere. Fear this is all going to be a bit of a damp squib.

Off to watch BHAFC v Spurs later this afternoon, not too confident of a good result for Brighton though..
Will be only my second home hame of the season.

Went to watch Real Madrid beat Leganes 4-1 last night. Size of the stadium is huge!

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