Anyone else planning on watch the Europa League final with Frankfurt and Rangers?

Brighton could regret not scoring a couple more in the first half while they had the chances. There’s goals in this game yet but could be for either team!

the North London derby is good viewing, unless you’re an Arsenal fan that is. Bit gutted as I can’t stand Kane so wanted Spurs to lose.

Swear this season there’s been more pitch invaders during matches then I can recall from any other season.

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This Champions League match has been quite something! I’m knackered just watching

@andyc see Man U are sniffing around the Albion wunderkind Lamptey. Really hope we don’t sell as he’s an asset to the team.

This Tunisia /Mali match has been surreal. Ref is either as bent as a £7 note or just utterly incompetent. Gave bizarre red card and then blew final whistle on 84 minutes. Play resumed as other officials told him too early then blew again 11 seconds before 90 minutes. No added time for VAR, penalties, subs etc. Then 20 minutes after it finished they’ve announced the final few minutes be played! Tunisia looking like they’ll not bother coming out to the pitch. Mental scenes.

This Solihull Moors vs Wigan FA Cup match has been great. Who needs internationals for excitement?

Really enjoying this Oxford City v Northampton Town FA Cup 1st round match. Hoping for a bit of “giant” killing here.

I’ve been rooting for Brentford to get promoted to the Premier League but it’s just not happening. To be honest the few matches of theirs I’ve watched have been pretty lacklustre. Pity. Their fans would have loved it

Ha! Watching match Brentford v West Bromwich Albion and a Brentford just scored and ran along in front of the empty stand cupping his ears. Made me laugh anyway.

Seems Arsenal fans have very short memories and an awful lot of entitlement. Loads of “we should be beating teams like Brighton” but the last 5 matches between us Brighton have won 3 and drawn 2. They’re 10th in the league and we’re 15th. Not sure why they think they should be beating us away when we beat them at home?

Troy Deeney refusing to return to training. Good for him I say.

"I can’t get a haircut until mid-July but I can go and get in a box with 19 people and jump for a header? I don’t know how that works."

Watching the Bundesliga on TV. Seeing lots of comments online about how it is odd or not the same without crowds but as someone that goes to U23/Premier League 2 matches I guess I’m a bit more used to it. Usually at those matches it’s just me, a few old duffers and a loaf of scouts/agents!

Curious how many new subscribers BT Sport will get for showing the Bundesliga .

@andyc pity Man U never won today. For no rational reason I really dislike Aston Villa.

TV cameras at Arsenal v Eintracht Frankfurt trying to build a narrative showing lots of pissed off Arsenal fans, people leaving early (people always leave matches slightly early to best the queues for the trains), and someone with an Emery out sign.

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