In my local Tesco it seems there are usually more handheld barcode scanners in an error state than actually usable. Here’s a few from this morning

Anyone else watched “How to with John Wilson”? Really enjoyed them.

RIP Coolio. Gangsters’ Paradise was a great song and I had no idea you’d written a cookbook.

Anti vax nutters but I do love a bit of They Live imagery.

Made the pilgrimage over to the Easy E memorial bench in Newhaven. Totally incongruous it is there as Newhaven is a small sleepy port town in East Sussex but someone paid the council for it so it exists.

Gutted we’re away so will miss the World Pea Throwing championship this year

That’s the first time my blood has ever been locally, usually travels all over the country.

By being spectacularly clumsy I’ve managed to spill water all over my crutch. Which means I can’t stand up from my desk for the next hour at least..

Another bumper seaglass haul from an afternoon on the beach and in the sea today.

Is this the most middle class supply chain crisis problem ever? Hove Waitrose is out of quinoa!

Sat in the car for extra few minutes as this banger came on the radio as I was parking.

Went to the lido at lunchtime and did a 30 minute swim. Bliss.

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