Before work this morning I went for a swim in an unheated lido in Lewes called Pells Pool. The water comes from a local spring so the pool is seasonal. Even though the water was about 17c I was cold for sooo line afterwards. (Stock picture of the place attached)

Who Stu is and what’s behind them is a mystery. There are just some communal bins on the other side of the road.

looking forward to getting stuck into The Books of Jacob by Olga Tokarczuk. Finally managed to get it from the library where I was 5th in the line for reservations. Loved Drive Your Plough Over the Bones of the Dead by her.

On Channel4, here in the UK, a show called “The man with a penis on his arm” is just about to start. WTF

Eventbrite sent me this “How to twerk for beginners” course as a suggestion in the weekly “courses picked just for you” email. I’m an overweight middle-aged man; I really shouldn’t be twerking! 😆

When I was in Spain at the beginning of the month I was very jealous when I saw there is still a teletext service there. (Well in Aragon region at least.)

Our chocolate Labrador Kaname went to the big park in the sky today. She was 15 so very old and had had a good life. Rest in peace Kaname ❤️

This was absolutely terrifying! Obviously an Easter display of some kind but still.

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