Was looking in an old notebook this evening and found this cutting. It must be over 10 years old so have no idea where it’s from.

Now this is making me feel old, I had one of these when they first came out!

@ghostdancer Hope you don't mind me asking this but I wanted to order something from a Spanish website and am getting this. My tourist Spanish is acceptable but have no idea what NIF or CP is. Could you explain if you have a moment? THANK YOU.

Loving these cheese tshirts but €12 for shipping can do a running jump off a cliff! palomadecasso.bigcartel.com/

More of that living: 9p bananas from co-op! Already chopped hqlf of them and put theem in the freezer but going to make these banana scones nytimes.com/2020/05/29/dining/

Had a few compliments from random strangers for this T-shirt so far today.

@basil look what I found on in my “to read” shelf. Pretty sure you recommend this previously. Must have been gifted it and didn’t even realise.

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