Youngest just got sent home from school due to a classmate testing positive. First time it's happened for either of our kids so guess we've ben lucky so far. He is going to be very bored for the next week that's for sure. Thankfully just did a lateral flow test and he was negative.

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That said we've had it easy. First time of either of our kids have had to isolate; have heard of others that have been this several times already. Big local senior school currently has about 1/4 of pupils isolating! Also end of term pretty much so not much actual learning being missed. Just will have a very bored son that will be unable to play football.

@Luke We've been okay until recently, but the youngest was off a couple of weeks ago and is off again this week.

I heard a headteacher being interviewed on R4 a couple of weeks ago. Most of his teaching staff were off and he was roughly 300 kids a day down.

@jamie My Daughter's school does it well and just asks close contacts to isolate and not the whole class (like my son's school). Has worked so far and has been hardly any covid there.

@Luke That's how it should be done. They've sent home two classes (so approx 60 kids?) because of one positive test.

We're lucky because we're home anyway, but I bet it's a real pain in the arse for some people.

@jamie that’s same as my son’s school. 60 kids at home from 1 positive last week. Just know most folks aren’t going to stick to it and keep the kid indoors for 10 days.

@Luke @jamie In Spain if IIRC , or at least in my son's school, is 3 positives in a class they send the class home, otherwise only close contacts. who need to have tests , my son loved the first time. He was so distressed by the "reset button press" that got out by the wrong door.

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