Whilst I can make lovely white bread with my eyes shut whenever I try to make a wholemeal loaf it is a disaster. What am I doing wrong?

@Luke if you can get it, vital wheat gluten is great. 50:50 works and is cheaper, but changes the flavor. Watch your rising conditions too.

@Luke of your a fan of rye, then I've found rye bread to be more successful in home baking. Let me know and I'll send you my favourite recipe

@kevie that sounds great. Actually have a couple of bags of rye flour so please do share the recipe.

@kevie @Luke I got some white rye flour to try making a sourdough starter, but ended up using a little (maybe 50g out of 400g) in my usual pizza dough mix, and it really made a very tasteful difference.

@dvdmrsdn @Luke TBH I've never had the forward planning to make a sour dough starter

@kevie @Luke yeah, I made my starter ok, but just wasn't in the mood to bake bread, so it died. Will probably just use up my rye flour in pizza bases now, or maybe try baking a regular loaf sometime with a bit of it mixed in with white and wholemeal.

@dvdmrsdn @kevie I often put in white rye in my white bread, usually 100g out of 500g.

@dvdmrsdn @kevie None that I notice. Texture is a little more "rustic".

@Luke Ooh - I simply lurve pub and virtual Lockdown quizzes held over Zoom.

Is the answer - 'You're foolishly attempting to bake a wholemeal loaf with your eyes in the open position ?'

@andyc The difference between the Fediverse and Twitter: on Twitter I got one useful answer and lots of stupid ones. On the Fediverse I got lots of useful answers and 1 stupid one. ;)

@Luke @andyc stop advertising twitter on fedi. Folk don't like that.

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