I'd like to think of myself as an ethical person, and I want sites like bookshop.org to be successful. However, I'm not going to choose it over Amazon when the book I want to gift costs twice as much and would take a week longer to arrive.

(N.B. non-essential shops are shut here at the moment)


@dajbelshaw conversely I bought 3 books off bookshop.org this month as gifts as they were quite a bit cheaper than Amazon and the books turned up in 2 days. Swings and roundabouts.

@Luke @dajbelshaw mine was 12 quid with delivery instead of 8 and arrived in 4 days.

But I really hate Amazon so I'm ok with it.

@basil @dajbelshaw If you're happy to pay it that's fine.
The few local bookshops near me are still open, you just can't go in to browse. So I've emailed and ordered from one then popped down to collect it from their doorstep. Same price as Amazon.

@Luke @dajbelshaw there aren't any near me 😕

Well, there's a Waterstones in Newcastle which is where I used to go, and where I bought from pre covid. But that's pretty much it. We killed the rest.

@basil @Luke I used to work in Waterstones (when there were two either side of Gray's monument!) Helped fund my Masters.

@basil @dajbelshaw but I guess I just wanted to point out Doug's experience isn't the only experience of it and that bookshop.org definitely shouldn't be written off based on one experience.

@Luke @dajbelshaw yup I understood 👍 was adding a third data point.

@Luke @dajbelshaw
Oh, yeah. Blackwells.co.uk is a good option for non fiction.

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