@Luke I have never heard of this. My wife has heard of it, but no idea what it’s about.

Really? I've always thought the saying was very commonly known. Perhaps it is becoming old-fashioned.


@Luke @fitheach @jamie

Never heard the proverb.
Didn't know there was a St Swithin's Day.
Didn't know there was a St Swithin.

@basil @Luke @fitheach @jamie I've heard of St Swithin's day, but not well and I don't remember where from.

@jamie @dheadshot @basil @fitheach well my post has done something useful and taught some of you some British folklore!

@Luke @fitheach @jamie In the north of Spain , we have "las Temporas" they are some days (3 each season, one day per month ) of the calendar, don't know exactly which ones that will, in theory, mark how the weather will be the next 3 months : windy(even the direction of the wind) , sunny , cloudy, humid.

@ghostdancer @fitheach @jamie interesting stuff, I’m off to search on this now. Folklore (and what we call “old wives tales”) is fascinating stuff, often rooted in some sort of fact.

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