@Luke Love the idea of a book swap point. It would get robbed round here, no doubt. Another reason to move to the countryside.

@Luke Christ - as I first read this on my tablet in the half-light, I thought, for one glorious moment, this was titled 'Wife swap'.

@andyc Maybe your subconscious is trying to tell you something 😱 @Luke

@Luke Book swap is something that I least in this part of Spain it has never worked. I recalled that in school son had to do it , they took some book to school and during all year they had a book swap stand in class. But outside of that, nothing.

@ghostdancer It doesn't work in a lot of places in the UK either. It is a "nice" neighbourhood so they don't get vandalised. Also I suspect there is just a small number of people that engage with them really. I usually just drop off books rather than take them. Quite often the same books are sat there for months at a time.

@Luke @ghostdancer
I've been tempted to set one up around here but I suspect it would lie dormant. Which isn't a great motivator.

@basil @Luke I have pretty clear is something for a minority but some years ago I recall there was even a web where you could trace books, if people registered them, it looked like it could get to bea little bit more popular but it didn't take off.

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