Oddly when using the web interface at it doesn't automatically seem to link to @andyc when I mention him but other @'s work. Presumably he has finally blocked me.

@Luke Nothing to do with me mate. I did note upgraded their Mastodon version earlier this week. Might be related to that.

@andyc It was in jest! Just letting you know I'm not ignoring you. :)

@Luke Sorry - was this a genuine technical issue (resolved ?) or a little joke ?

@andyc @Luke I'd noticed that this wasn't working for you. Especially odd since you're on the same instance.

@Luke what happens when you start typing @andyc ?

Do any autocomplete options appear?

@basil yep. Click on it and is just plain text.


Have you tried full addressing him

Or does it do that automatically?

@basil very. No big deal but annoying in conversations.

@Luke just had a look, same happens for everyone that replies to andy who is on the same instance.


@Luke I think it's just a busted hyperlink though and the replyto functionality is intact.

@andyc genuine issue. I'm not that fussed but curious given we're on the same instance.

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