This tweet on the official UK Civil Service account was only up for 9 minutes but got 38k likes, 36.5k retweets plus all the comments. Guess someone has lost their job over it. That reaction to it, in such a short time frame, shows just how much BoJo has misjudged public opinion on this.

@Luke If I was their boss I'd be patting them on the back after pressing the delete button and saying that was 9 minutes well spent. Hopefully they get off lightly

@Shrigglepuss :) There were replies from a few high flying QCs and lawyers saying they would be happy to represent them for free at an employment tribunal if necessary.

@Luke Hopefully it doesn't even get to that, but to know people are offering support if it does is reassuring! All the best to them


@Shrigglepuss totally! Fingers crossed they'll get off lightly.

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