Been back on newsgroups over the lockdown. Sadly it is mostly spam, and people complaining about spam.

Everything else is:

1. Someone posts something.
2. Someone else shits on it
3. Three more people either shit on the original or shit on the shitter
4. The original post is forgotten

You wake up to 300 new messages, with so much written and so little said.

Perhaps I'm just in the wrong groups, but I think it is over.


@ben I check in on newsgroups occasionally as mid90s I spent hours of my life every day on various alt.* groups that had great communities. All long gone now sadly. Only one that seems at all ok is alt.sysadmin.recovery as it only accepts moderated posts. Would love to see a usenet revival. Saw various tilde providers were going to implement their own closed circuit nntp text only groups which is great.

@Luke is still pretty good. Lots of old trump types but nice people.

UK.d-i-y is a cesspool now

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