Hi everyone

Please stop praising, favouriting, boosting, re-tweeting and replying to my output.

Yeah, yeah, I'm fully aware it's magnificent, thought provoking content etc etc but my constant Notifications and Bells are doing my head in.


Sorry about that. It wasn't a begging letter (honest) or a request for 'friends' - just that I seemed to be peppered with a few notifications that all seemed to arrive all at once.

But, I would like you to be my special micro-blogging friend.

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@andyc I still fondly remember when you asked if I was "some sort of ponce".

@basil @andyc if you have to ask you've not been paying attention!

@Luke @basil Oh yeah - was that when you enjoyed quiche and quinoa at your local coffee shop ?

Seriously, without any context, I have no ruddy idea. Apologies if I caused any offence. It has been known.

@andyc @basil 😂 No offence or need to apologise. I think I said I used a Mac at work and you asked if I was some sort of ponce! Was quite funny. In Pump or quitter.se days.

@Luke @basil Ah that's OK then. Could have been worse - 'Nonce'.

@Luke @basil During the identi.ca -> Pump migration, I tried to get a full dump of all my dents ever. I thought it would be a laugh and could form the basis for a book. However, it was painfully slow, didn't actually work and without the context of all the surrounding conversations, it was almost meaningless.

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