Gig economy apps are a great way to take softbank money before it dries up.

To get new customers, DoorDash charge $16 for a pizza that the restaurant charges $24 dollars for, and take the hit on it.

So, the restaurant owner buys a load of pizzas through the app, from his own restaurant, at a cut rate. Sure enough, a driver rocks up and pays the full amount!

This restaurant never even signed up for the app.

My local cab company does food delivery. They charge almost twice as much. Because that is what it costs to actually do this.

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@ben yeah it's easy to forget that Deliveroo runs at a loss and lives off investor money.

@Luke @ben In Spain the main one is Glovo and more or less the same , also the conditions the delivery persons work is close to slavery.

@ghostdancer @ben that's not good! I have 2 friends that do Deliveroo deliveries and they quite like it! Also heard of some drug dealers that got the jacket and bike so they could continue to sell during lockdown!

@Luke In Spain some drug dealers were detained doing the same.Most of the people working for Glovo, are low income or poor people working more than 12 hours a day. If they are not ready they get penalized with less deliveries and so on. @ben

@ghostdancer @Luke @ben Yeah - at one point last year my lad was proposing to 'get on his bike and earn money' by delivering meals to folk on his bicycle for Deliveroo. Thankfully, it never came to fruition but it caused a lot of tension and friction between my wife and him (and hence me).

@andyc You can find some students doing it but most of the workers here are people working full time . @Luke @ben

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