@els Mussols Difficult to know all the reasons why, but the hysteria mongering is working on some level at least.

Cancellation of bookings for March: 11 days
Cancelled, rebooked by others: 2 days

We are net nine days down -- or to put it another way, we just had a 65% pay cut.
Wake up to two more cancellations this morning.

@elmussol ouch, hope it doesn't hit too hard in the long run.

@Luke @elmussol
I hope you can survive the blow. Yesterday I was on 15-23 shift we had like 20 reservations and more than 30 cancellations. Most of the reservations for May and later. Most of the cancellations for now till June. . My bosses are even more hysteric than usual.


@ghostdancer @elmussol fingers crossed for you too Ghosty! Is your employer part of a chain or an independant place?

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@Luke independent, they have 3 small hotels , we are safe , we are most profitable of the 3 with a big difference, unless this situation derives in a "Walking Dead" scenario we should have no problem. @elmussol

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