Love that Man Citeh couldn't even let Liverpool be top for the first weekend.


@rpcutts I'm still revelling in this brief moment from yesterday before the VAR spoilt it all

@rpcutts oh my Tusky hadn't updated and I replied to your toot of last week. Oops

@Luke oh. While I remember. The defender that Leeds have loaned from Brighton. He's the real deal. Pep is gonna want to buy him for 50 million if he carries on like this.

@rpcutts is that Ben White? Lot of Brighton fans rate him & expected him to get first team place if Dunk got sold.

@Luke yup. Has been exceptional at every turn so far.

@Luke so, I have, and, he did, and he's amazing.

But god, it really shows how bad stoke were that, the section showing him "winning" second balls were just clips of him walking up to where the ball landed. 😅

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