As it is Easter holidays I'm off work looking after the kids. Actually let me rephrase that I've taken a few days off and will attempt to get the kids to do something that doesn't involve looking at a screen during that time. Wish me luck!

@Luke Best of luck with that 😉

And good morning 🙂

Too familiar. Good luck! How old are they?
Asking cos mine seem happy to get one of my board games and make up new rules for it - without even asking them to stay off screens! 😁

@6gain 9 and 13. I've got chores to do so am a bit busy but got out a load of lego for the youngest to play with. The 13 yr old is off our with friends soon so I'll take junior to the beach I think.

Hope it went well! At least the sun is out - nothing worse than being stuck inside with cabin fever...
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