Bye bye Belgium
So I went to FOSDEM part 5
And so it's Sunday night, my last night in Belgium but more importantly, my last chance to see some of my friends in the flesh for, in some cases, another year or more. I always say the same thing about OggCamp it's the one time every year I get to speak face-to-face with some of the people I talk to every day on the Internet.

Put clean underwear on.
Ade told me to
#fosdem #FOSS #Linux

@dick_turpin re the bag checking. It's pretty standard now that after the first X overhead bags (usually 70-120) then they just check the remaining ones at the gate.

@dick_turpin I got in a slight huff once when, despite paying for speedy boarding with the mistaken aim of guaranteeing my bag would have space overhead and travelling with a backpack smaller than most people's wheel bags, the attendant re-arranged all the bags and was insistent that my backpack was placed at my feet meaning my legs were pretty much crushed.

Punished for travelling with a less obnoxious case. Lesson learned.

@rpcutts It actually annoys me when you see people desperately trying to squeeze their oversized bags into those overhead lockers I think "If you hadn't tried to con the airline we wouldn't be waiting to take our seats"

@dick_turpin @rpcutts Well the airline should really enforce their own rules and prevent those idiots boarding with giant suitcases. They do it when they know the flight is 'full'. But yeah, it used to piss me off.

@andyc @dick_turpin I usually volunteer for them to check my case into the hold as soon as I get to the gate.


@rpcutts @andyc @dick_turpin on recent Easyjet flights I've used their "hands free" service where you go to bag drop and pay £6 for your cabin bag to go into the hold. You can still take a small backpack or laptop case size bag onto the plane and you get speedy boarding included in the price. Been a great way to bring liquids back when I'm hand luggage only or when cabin baggage is too bulky/heavy to take on. Also your bag gets a special tag and is one of the first on the carousel on arrival.

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