Kingstonian FC were second at Christmas. 6 straight defeats saw them fall to 13th. On Saturday they lost 7 (seven) -1 to league leaders Dorking and sacked their manager. Sigh.

@andyc wow that is some plummet. Certain players left or injured? A good team don't become a bad one so rapidly without personnel changes usually.

@Luke Well - they had a couple of young lads on loan from Charlton who played great for K's but got recalled after a change of management there and a young forward from Palace who did get injured.

But relying on loans is a risk and K's had a decent budget to avoid that. Their player turnover is incredibly. 49 players used this season.


@andyc 49 is certainly getting through them! Think Whitehawk managed to get through over 150 players last season, including loans. The joys of non-league right there. Then folks like the twunt that run Billericay come along and pay players £1k+ a week and really mess it all up for small clubs with small budgets.

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