How language changes and evolves fascinates me: my 9 yr old son & his friends refer to winding up or playing a trick on someone as trolling them even if it is not done online and actually occurs in the playground.

@Luke So it is here in the Basque Country (for your linguistical curiosity 😝). Mine is 10 years old.

@txikillana see that's amazing. I've been online since mid90s so think of trolling as something you only do to others online. All these kids have made it a general "thing".

@Luke And we all have forgotten the "real" trolls, I mean, the frightening ones who live in the forests 😝

@Luke I don't know if it is true, but I have heard dark rumours of young children who have been practically raised by YouTube videos on their parents' tablet using the phrase "don't forget to subscribe!" to mean something like "thanks for a fun time, see you again soon", because they hear it so often at the end of child-directed videos while having no concept of "subscribing" to a channel.

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