The PewPew games are ordered from a fab already, and I have sent them the firmware and flashing instructions and all that. And today I found a pretty critical bug in it. I fixed it, and I hope I can send it to the factory again, since they hopefully didn't flash it yet, but now with the fix the firmware is 12 bytes too large...

Got a photo from the fab of the first prototype unit they assembled. The rest will be produced soon.

@deshipu I recognize that el cheapo little slider switch. The thing is that, it's far too small. :(

@Sadale Obviously compromises had to be made to get it to the lowest price possible.

@Sadale I'm going to sell them at about $10 for a kit (batteries not included).

@deshipu got a webpage with details? It looks awesome


@deshipu that's awesome, thanks. Will have a look.

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