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It definitely has been so far. Only 4-5 more hours to go.

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good night to AMD Opteron hosts ‘miku’ (formerly ‘bjork’) and ‘faeroes’ (formerly ‘otaku’) thank you for 9 years of reliable service. these will go to RE:PC in Seattle (minus disks). @netbsd

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DOOM, MechWarrior 2, Descent, Jill of the Jungle, Heroes of Might and Magic, Battle Chess. So many wonderful games. This post isn't about those games though, it's about the underrated ones.

What are some underrated DOS games everyone should know about?

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I finished up a bunch of projects while I was away from here, including:

Koios - a universal database-free file tagger

Zhmenu - a robust featureful dmenu-like replacement and input method

Wisp - A fast, smart, lispy HTML output language

SpotifyC (WIP) - C Interface to the Spotify Web API and Spotify command line client

Boosts would be deeply appreciated as more users = less bugs.

Birdsite seems like its getting worse? Just read they are locking accounts with no phone # forcing the owner to give up their # or lose the account forever.

Stayed up over 24 hours in hospice with my step dad. Ate, slept for a few hours, woke up with a horrible headache, took meds, and my head still feels like its going to explode 🤯

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its official! thanks to storage upgrades that have occurred this week is now to content - send a note to membership for an and start a

These new gshocks are nice. A little nod to the royal oak in there.

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Seriously, fuck cancer. Today was absolutely gut wrenching and heartbreaking.

It's not much but its a start. Fun first day on the server.

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DuckTales: Remastered is leaving Steam today and is on sale for $3.74 so if you think you'll ever want to play this remake of a classic you better grab it now

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video games != mass shootings 

How could violent video games cause mass shootings? I played the Sims for years and I will NEVER own property.
Tweet transcribed in toot.

Been on vacation this week having a great time. In the back of my mind though, I've been planning builds in Minecraft and considering which distro I want to switch to just to have a change of pace from Arch.

Well, back Firefox? Or something else entirely?


I can barely taste the difference between general tso's and sesame chicken anymore. Am I losing the ability to taste red pepper flakes?

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