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re: Semen explosion. Wish I was kidding 

@TheGibson I had the same feelings when I forwarded the link to my wife haha

Semen explosion. Wish I was kidding 

@TheGibson oh my... 😬

Had to get a rental while my car is in the body shop. This is all they had 😂 Thank you and for organizing this whole thing! I had a great time and I'll definitely participate in the future ones! :D

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LEVEL UP!!! Earned my participation badge today! Deflowered by HACKERS!!!!

--==<<( )>>==--

(unofficial homemade participation badge, xiled-style)

Thanks to HALF of the Fediverse and special thanks to! pHun-+ym3z!! h4x0r d4 pL4n3+z!!!

This was so much fun, can't wait until the next one!

I need to skate menacingly from the shadows more a better strategy than mine. By the end of high school people were constantly hassling me to burn CDs and fix their stuff I feel your pain, I was "hey you're that computer guy right?" In HS

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