That's glorious : ASR33 teletype, old 1965 modem connecting to a remote unix the view a webpage hosted at CERN :

As #OpenBSD's de-facto wifi maintainer, I first learned about this WPA problem in June. A simple patch was provided which I could commit with slight modifications.

The original embargo was already 2 months long, and then extended again for 2 months.

The generall public (you) were left in the dark about this for at least 4 months.

This is a very sad state of affairs. It takes the industry much too long to apply a simple patch.

I so want an Silicon Graphics o2 ... not gonna happens anytime soon at this price point unfortunately

Hey , I'm looking for subjects or ideas for a *nix / computer history fanzine in digital format, I've had real fun creating a 1st page a while ago ( but I struggle to find (new) subjects to get out of what I already know and babble about already... Anyone has some idea ?✏

Bought Stellaris on saturday morning, then fell into a time black hole, it is now monday, I've got to work and the galaxy still isn't unified ! 👽

From Vimperator to Vimium-FF for a vim-like browser keyboard usage, quite happy so far, more convenient to use letters to open links than numbers. ⌨

Happy FreeBSD day ! I personally like the system and wish it well going forward, if only I could use it @work ! 😈 💻

Dat feeling when FreeBSD pkg repo has more software than on Gentoo, kudos to the FreeBSD packages maintainers 📦

I mean, come on. About half the country thinks that democracy and the right to confidential communication is pointless if someone - entirely unrelated from encrypted communication - grabs a truck and stabs people with knives?

How about we ban cars and trucks instead? They even cause unintentional deaths. Much, much more effective than trying to peek into private lives of everybody.
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It's not much but if it can spark some interest about ZeroNet it's 🆒 . Here's a small blog post I've written over there (obviously you need ZeroNet to access it, see :

@kzimmermann Testing ZeroNet, it's pretty fast ! Found your blog over there. Do you know if site contents get shared even if my firewall is very restrictive (basically INPUT deny if not related/established). I can connect & seed to regular bittorent swarm(s) just fine but here nothing seems seeded (yet?)

if you use Windows, malware/virus attacks are pretty much a given. Use open-source OS: OpenBSD, NetBSD and sane versions of Linux (meaning no systemd)...

@snowdusk Going through my Wasabi Mix backlog makes for a good day with awesome music at work ! Thank you for these ! 🎶 😘

Here goes my quick . I'm a Swede that has lived in the US for two decades and in NYC for over one decade. I'm a recovering unix admin currently leading a team of engineers at an edtech company. I'm also an avid cyclist, gamer, unix geek, aviation enthusiast and life explorer. I've been on for 10 years :) Hi!

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