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@satchmoz Coding can be fun indeed ! Out of curiosity, which language ?

@satchmoz Thanks for the ideas ! This one is definitely within my reach so, noted !

rlogin looks nice as well, I don't know much about it but it looks great history-wise indeed, from the man page: "The rlogin utility will be replaced by telnet(1) in the near future"

For a review of 'The Design and Implementation of the 4.4 BSD Operating System' , that's likely too advanced/big for me but perhaps there's some bits and pieces here and there indeed.

@amsomniac Ah yes, protocols might be quite interesting indeed an no need for hardware if I can tinker with it myself. Now to find an interesting yet understandable one ! Thanks for the suggestion :)

Hey , I'm looking for subjects or ideas for a *nix / computer history fanzine in digital format, I've had real fun creating a 1st page a while ago ( but I struggle to find (new) subjects to get out of what I already know and babble about already... Anyone has some idea ?✏

@satchmoz My thoughts really ! On my end, I'm happy with Gentoo/OpenRC and it's pretty BSD-ish, would happily give *BSD a try on real metal but I do Linux gaming and heavy virtualization (vfio) and BSD is still a bit behind in this area for now.

@stigatle I see, the "distro-hopper" syndrome, been there indeed :) Have fun tinkering then !

@stigatle Still looking for the perfect desktop OS ? :p CentOS is a bit less suited than Debian for this task I would, specially now that Debian 9 is here, CentOS 7 is much less fresh. Now it's supported for a looong time (2024) if that's what you are about

Bought Stellaris on saturday morning, then fell into a time black hole, it is now monday, I've got to work and the galaxy still isn't unified ! 👽

From Vimperator to Vimium-FF for a vim-like browser keyboard usage, quite happy so far, more convenient to use letters to open links than numbers. ⌨

Happy FreeBSD day ! I personally like the system and wish it well going forward, if only I could use it @work ! 😈 💻

@snowdusk Sorry for the loss of your cat. These companions sure are taking an important part of our daily lives.

Dat feeling when FreeBSD pkg repo has more software than on Gentoo, kudos to the FreeBSD packages maintainers 📦

I mean, come on. About half the country thinks that democracy and the right to confidential communication is pointless if someone - entirely unrelated from encrypted communication - grabs a truck and stabs people with knives?

How about we ban cars and trucks instead? They even cause unintentional deaths. Much, much more effective than trying to peek into private lives of everybody.
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