Hello , I'm new, I like (and growing stuff!) and (doing them not watching :D). My current bedside book is Metro 2035, happy to talk with anyone !

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@Grimsdottir Welcome friend. I always like to talk to follow unix nerds.

@mushmouth Cheers ! I hope topics of interest will arise ! We're on SDF after all :D

@mushmouth On the Random Music Log slot ? 23:00 UTC is sadly too late for me but I usually dig into the archives for @snowdusk mixes. Got any of your mixes on the archives ? I would love to give it a ear :)

@Grimsdottir @snowdusk I'm debating if I should have a playlist for songs I played. It'll be on archive unless otherwise

@mushmouth I'll gladly listen to your set tomorrow if it hit the archives then !

@Grimsdottir I'll be playing metal/rock but some rap might be in there and dance.

@Grimsdottir Metro 2035, now that's a good book. I'm happy to find sci-fi readers here.

@capux Thanks, so am I ! No such thing as too many good books recommendations !

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