@kzimmermann Testing ZeroNet, it's pretty fast ! Found your blog over there. Do you know if site contents get shared even if my firewall is very restrictive (basically INPUT deny if not related/established). I can connect & seed to regular bittorent swarm(s) just fine but here nothing seems seeded (yet?)

@grimsdottir IIRC port forwarding is not necessary at all to use ZeroNet, but it helps in some things like service discovery I think

@kzimmermann Thanks, I'll see if the content I accessed gets seeded over time then. Are you still using it ? I'm asking since your blog articles were mostly from the previous year.

@grimsdottir meh, I know, I should use P2P more often. I blame awesome people appearing on the fediverse, making me forget zeronet :P

@kzimmermann Ha, yiu have a point, perhaps we need zeronet-based microblogging platforms then :p Distributed but federated !

@grimsdottir hey, one of the latest things I saw in ZeroNet was #ZeroMe, a GS-like social network, but completely P2P. Tried id yet?

@kzimmermann Neat, I didn't yet but I'll have to ! I wonder how many peers is the network strong. Reaching a proper critical mass matters so much for a microblogging platform.

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I remember seeing like 900+ peers back in the day, but most of them were for ZeroPlay. Torrenting is great, but there's so much more there!

@kzimmermann Indeed, there's about 1000 peers for the main page, somehow on proxies (e.g zeronet.maxweiss.io/1HeLLo4uzj ), there's muuuch more peers (like 10k), dunno why since it's supposed to share the same DHT network no ? Anyway there's some activity but there's much to build as well. I find it fascinating though :)

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