How do we go about blocking a domain?

I was looking at abuse reports, and saw several associated with a domain name that is associated with violently aggressive transphobia. I checked the homepage and it was exactly what I was afraid it was.


Actually, another bunch were coming from a domain I just saw mentioned in an article as a site for racists. I'm not naming them directly in case their partisans are searching for mentions.

So that's two domains that should be blocked outright.

How is this done?


Name and shame, publicly.

Most instances will block if you use the hashtag with precise information.

The, turn around and block those sites individually, there are options that allow you to block an entire instance *as an individual*.

@FoolishOwl Also, you can block whole domains from your Federated feeds yourself.

Click an offending toot, click the three dots, "block domain".

I did that early on in my Mastodon days to rid my Federated feed of porn.

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