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Discovered this service recently, a finger-based social network


If you need a finger client and have rustc installed, you can use this:

NIST still offers a dial-up service that will give you the current time.

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Updated with info for what I'm doing! I'm sure I'm doing something incorrectly but it all sort of works.

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Tonight I ported 's Uxn VM to the MegaGRRL hardware (my ESP32-powered VGM player). Seemed like it would be fun, and it was :)

Here is a little demo...

Had to lower the screen resolution (not enough RAM for full screen framebuffers!), but it has sound, output through the YM2612's DAC register. D-pad emulates a mouse. Also had to do a bodge to the drum-rack example to get it working on the lower resolution.

Third modem in the pool! I don't think I need three modems for the ISP, maybe I'll dedicate one to fax later.

Don't know how I had so many missing/incorrect words in the last toot, but I think it still makes enough sense.

Previous thread on the project is here,

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An update to my dial-up ISP project. I got a two node modem pool working a PCI card to add more serial ports. Instead of my Verizon line, I patched these modems into my PBX running asterisk with a Grandstream ATA with 4 internal lines. The PBX takes incoming calls from a new number and uses a basic hunt group to connect to caller to the next free line.

Got a dialup modem? Feel free to give a call and let me know what OS you are using, how it goes. Details at

Had this for years, never any idea what it was. Decided to open it and turns out it is a 40 meg SCSI drive. I have a friend with SCSI gear that should be able to image it, so I'll add that to the to-do list.

If you spend a few days playing with modems it feels natural that you eventually create a dialup ISP.

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Wrote a new article: Running a Dedicated Quake III Arena Server for Dreamcast - (For the three people in the world that would be interested in doing this)

Definitely! I've acquired a handful over the years as a rainy day project for myself and some amateur radio buddies. I haven't tested the range myself but we did have talks of replacing the antennae and or adding a linear amp, which would be super silly for these devices. LoRa is much more performant and practical these days.

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After watching the recent LGR video, I knew that I had a few Cybikos kicking around and decided to transfer over a terminal emulator and connect to a Raspberry Pi. Surprisingly the Cybiko Console software works on Windows 10 and gives you a boot log, some basic commands, and the ability to file transfer. Next step will be battery replacement and figuring out why some of these just don't work. And if anyone knows how to do an OS upgrade these days let me know.

So it looks like I can write fine to these EPROMs but the RC2014 won't boot with either of them. I suppose I'll order some more modern EPROMs to make sure that will work while I mull things over a bit more.

Can you tell I'm working through my mail pile? Wanted to test this new programmer I ordered.

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