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Thanks for the help all, it does seem to be some type of impact driver. Turns out it works fine, I just had to apply pressure to the shank when pulling the trigger!

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Anyone know what this is? Motor definitely runs but the end does spin or otherwise move at all. Seems there is a socket in there, but don't know if it is supposed to be. There is a 2-pos switch on the side and both positions run the motor, so I'm guessing some sort of impact driver?

I need to disassemble the business end to see what's going on, but I feel like by owning this I have become a minor character in a dieselpunk story.

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Did SDF run analog and ISDN dialup service in the 1990s? Yeah, we did. We have a past.

Oh hey, I moved and have been busy. Here is a picture of my working on my own analog network using some blonder tongue agile modulators. I also have a QAM modulator and some old analog scrambling gear to mess with. Analog TV is a lot of fun!

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I got 2/3 of my Gandalf short haul working! Now I can theoretically do RS232 over miles of two-pair. Still want to fix the third modem but that might be tricky.

If you have a TTY/TTD device and want to give it a try, I have one set on auto-answer mode at 484.996.1337. Feel free to leave a message!

Here is a photo of me connecting to it via a baudot-compatible modem.

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NIST still offers a dial-up service that will give you the current time.

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Updated with info for what I'm doing! I'm sure I'm doing something incorrectly but it all sort of works.

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Tonight I ported 's Uxn VM to the MegaGRRL hardware (my ESP32-powered VGM player). Seemed like it would be fun, and it was :)

Here is a little demo...

Had to lower the screen resolution (not enough RAM for full screen framebuffers!), but it has sound, output through the YM2612's DAC register. D-pad emulates a mouse. Also had to do a bodge to the drum-rack example to get it working on the lower resolution.

Third modem in the pool! I don't think I need three modems for the ISP, maybe I'll dedicate one to fax later.

Don't know how I had so many missing/incorrect words in the last toot, but I think it still makes enough sense.

Previous thread on the project is here,

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