@aadil Hey! I didn't personally work on this project but if you send an email to mail@n-o-d-e.net you'll get in touch with the proper person.

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the only favorite brand i have is sun microsystems

My Raspberry Pi PBX now runs through 10base5 thicknet because why not?

Finished migrating famicoman.com to Hugo and removed over a decade of WordPress cruft. I finally feel like I can blog again without being burdened by my platform.

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@dokuja It's a WY55. I love the display on DEC terminals but never managed to find one at a good value. Wyse terminals seem to be less expensive overall and perform fairly well. The typeface isn't as pretty though.

@Nono I used the Hugo exporter plugin for WordPress. Worked fairly well but I had to fix a lot of image tags. I originally wanted to use Jekyll because I had experience with it, but that plugin didn't work with my WordPress version and jekyll's console-based export required a Ruby version I couldn't get easily on the old version of Debian I was using. Happy I went with Hugo though, it was pretty easy to pick up!

@mnw It's called hugo.386, themes.gohugo.io/hugo.386/ I was just scrolling through a directory and found it unexpectedly.

Migrated one of my old sites from WordPress to Hugo and found an awesome retro theme, obsoleet.com/

@natalie That is awesome! I didn't really care much about game play when I heard about retro.live, though I did hear that the project ceased when they couldn't overcome the latency and compression issues caused by VoIP.

All of the other aspects of XBAND are what I thought were the most interesting and I'd love to be able to use this hardware to access some of the social features.

I'd happily run/test your server implementation when it is ready. I'm no stranger to configuring ATAs!

@natalie As someone who owns the Genesis and SNES versions of the xband, can I ask what you are working on? I had hoped to make use of them with the now-defunct retro.live project but that seems to have disappeared within the past year.

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@bunnyjane Sorry for replying over a year later, but someone just liked the parent toot and reminded me that this was actually a REAL company who would go on to make Sega VR! designnews.com/electronics-tes Just putting this comment here for future digital archaeologists.

@manu Generally you need to be within a range for best results depending on what you're fetmenting. Most beer and sauerkraut like to be between around 65-72F while fermenting to get proper flavors (though you can still get a good product if you're off a bit). Too low a temp and the ferment can be incomplete, too high and it can ferment too fast giving off-flavors. Think of it like cooking a piece of meat: too low and it won't cook through, too high and you burn it.

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