I gave a talk about the Networks of Philly project (networksofphilly.org), which discovers and documents cool in Philadelphia, at @iffybooks this past Saturday. For anyone interested the slides are available here in a few different formats: github.com/networksofphilly/ne

@publius hah, it's a coaster. I have few and they all have funny names.

@dokuja I'm basically going to try to track down an limesdr mini but they are hard to find right now. Then I can use osmocom-analog to run as a base station and everything should "just work" between phones in range. Obviously I have to do the needful to make sure this is all kept low low power but it would be fun to get working locally and then seeing if I can hook it up to voip and have external calls. Next step is to see if the phones power up but I want to get dummy loads.

Hey Philly friends, come to the Bar Raccrawl this Saturday May 14th at @iffybooks and hang out with some local friendly hackers. More info here meetup.com/SecShell/events/283

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Hello, I’m Grimmware and I like to read books on magic and occultism and then translate those systems into code for Plan 9 from Bell Labs. I try to apply a rationalist credulity to magical and archetype systems, and I’m a big fan of using divination systems as a psychological prompt for learning and growing. I like operating systems, retro computers and digital electronics.

In my work life, I do defensive systems security and visibility.


Had a blast meeting @pixouls tonight at @iffybooks during their reception. Can't wait to go back!

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Today’s our first day in the new space! We’re open 12–9 PM, with a reception starting at 6. The address is 319 N. 11th St. 3E, Philly.

Here’s the color we painted the floor:

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Walking around Philly with 5️⃣ wi-fi access points in my bag.

@Ricardus Nah, I just like messing with outdated broadcast equipment. It would be fun to rig up a battery and take this around town though.

Who wants to join my TV news team? Just put the proper XLR 4-pin connector on this old EiAJ-14 cable and finally have a working power supply and lens for this bad boy.

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