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@junkman I do! I have an asterisk setup with a few ATAs that powers dialup.world and makes my TTY device available. I've always been interested in getting a Panasonic PBX at some point though.

The thing about these Gandalf modems however is that they are meant to be used without any reliance on a PBX or telephone network. Ideally you'd use them in a college campus to connect terminals to machines over a great distance by doing point-to-point wiring over existing telephone wire drops.

I got 2/3 of my Gandalf short haul working! Now I can theoretically do RS232 over miles of two-pair. Still want to fix the third modem but that might be tricky.

@thomasfuchs These were made from the mid '90s through the early '00s. The company, Ultratec, has been making similar stuff since earlier then that. Not quite sure what the switches are but I've enclosed a pic. I can't find a brand on them.

If you have a TTY/TTD device and want to give it a try, I have one set on auto-answer mode at 484.996.1337. Feel free to leave a message!

Here is a photo of me connecting to it via a baudot-compatible modem.

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NIST still offers a dial-up service that will give you the current time.

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@dokuja Hey thanks for giving it a shot, out of curiosity would you mind sharing which phone provider you used?

@junkman hah! I do not but I was planning on seeing if I could connect it up to sdf at some point. We'll put it on the list ;)

@natalie what provider are you using? Would be good to know in the chance I can sign up and do my own testing or see if others have the same problem with the same provider.

@natalie Damn! Thanks for testing though, I really appreciate it. Not quite sure if this is just a "voip is lousy for modems" issue or a hardware issue on my end. There have been times when I've had to try dialing a few times before connection is successful but those are few and far between.

@natalie let me know if you can try again. I just checked and it was almost like the ata locked up or something. Asterisk sent the call over but no ring on the line

Updated dialup.world with info for what I'm doing! I'm sure I'm doing something incorrectly but it all sort of works.

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