Some new after a long hiatus. We have spicy garlic cucumber pickles, spicy garlic honey, and garlic ginger beet kvass with and without dill.

I haven't seen the documentary yet, but for years now I always take the opportunity to pass by the original Horn & Hardart Automat location at 8th and Chestnut in Philadelphia. It's just a cool-looking building.

I think I need to wire a new fuse holder into it but this RadioShack phone is pretty awesome looking even if it doesn't power up yet. I just got the power cable for it today as it uses a 5-pin DIN connector. I'm not even sure if this is supposed to work without the two (yes two!) lead acid batteries inserted but we will see.

Hey Philly friends, come to the Bar Raccrawl this Saturday May 14th at @iffybooks and hang out with some local friendly hackers. More info here

Who wants to join my TV news team? Just put the proper XLR 4-pin connector on this old EiAJ-14 cable and finally have a working power supply and lens for this bad boy.

Trying to organize some of my (this isn't all) in a way that sort of makes sense. First pic has a shelf of mostly O'Reilly/security/network books, then hippie/futurist/cybernetics/vr, then early 2000s hacking/programming/vintage unix. Second pic is hacker history/new cyberpunk diy followed by infrastructure/internet history/vintage hacker abatement. Third pic is dotcom-boom/computers are bad/how our successful 90s company started, and fiction/vintage comms and radio/electronics repair.

Did a noctua fan upgrade on this noisy old FOR.A time base corrector and only broke one silicone standoff. I also learned that I hate scotchloks, but I guess they were quicker than soldering and heat shrink.

Anyone know what this is? Motor definitely runs but the end does spin or otherwise move at all. Seems there is a socket in there, but don't know if it is supposed to be. There is a 2-pos switch on the side and both positions run the motor, so I'm guessing some sort of impact driver?

I need to disassemble the business end to see what's going on, but I feel like by owning this I have become a minor character in a dieselpunk story.

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