Get in nerds, we're creating our own cellular network!

@Famicoman I'm interested...

My folks had one of those Panasonics back in the day.

@dokuja I'm basically going to try to track down an limesdr mini but they are hard to find right now. Then I can use osmocom-analog to run as a base station and everything should "just work" between phones in range. Obviously I have to do the needful to make sure this is all kept low low power but it would be fun to get working locally and then seeing if I can hook it up to voip and have external calls. Next step is to see if the phones power up but I want to get dummy loads.

@Famicoman I'm pretty sure I no longer have a bag phone but I suspect there's a brick squirreled away here. Looking forward to seeing progress on this. I was going to research if I could get something tuned up to 33cm for a project like this.

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