Trying to organize some of my (this isn't all) in a way that sort of makes sense. First pic has a shelf of mostly O'Reilly/security/network books, then hippie/futurist/cybernetics/vr, then early 2000s hacking/programming/vintage unix. Second pic is hacker history/new cyberpunk diy followed by infrastructure/internet history/vintage hacker abatement. Third pic is dotcom-boom/computers are bad/how our successful 90s company started, and fiction/vintage comms and radio/electronics repair.

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There are things I see now that seem to be in the wrong sections, and this will definitely change when I introduce other books I have, but it is really good to finally see a lot of these siting next to one another instead of being shoved in drawers, closets, coffee tables, bins, etc. scattered everywhere.

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