@joeo10 @Famicoman takes me way back - I worked for their only direct competitor back then, Network Computers Inc., on our TVNavigator browser

@djsundog @Famicoman How your experience went while you worked there? I have heard of TVNavigator a lot.

@joeo10 @Famicoman it was pretty fantastic from my standpoint - about half the tech team came from Netscape and the others from Oracle, and we were making things happen that folk took for magic - commercials for pizza you could order with your remote, on actual live OTA signals. Chat rooms and video overlaid with pop-up behind the scenes details and, well, the good bits of our ”smart" TVs 25 years later.

@djsundog @joeo10 @Famicoman oh god my first "real" web job was working for an unbelievably shady (even by MLM standards) multilevel marketing company* whose flagship product was WebTV, (and whose web site was therefore optimized for WebTV, except it was early enough days that the lead designer was a print guy who had no idea how HTML worked and no interest in learning,) good times.

* I was young, naive, and desperate to get into a full-time web gig. The department head who interviewed and hired me did a pretty amazing job of handwaving around the company's real nature. I didn't realize it was a pyramid scheme until my orientation

@thermous @djsundog @joeo10 @Famicoman I feel this. One of my first big contracts as an independent was setting up a data processing pipeline for a startup owned by CFL football great Mike "Pinball" Clemens.

The startup? A telemarketer.

The data? random contact dumps -- phone books, direct marketing lists, financial services contacts, etc.

Going to be a slug in my next life to pay for that karma.

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