Updated dialup.world with info for what I'm doing! I'm sure I'm doing something incorrectly but it all sort of works.

@Famicoman@mastodon.sdf.org oh let me try calling in again - i called a few nights ago and i couldn't get past the initial handshake

@natalie let me know if you can try again. I just checked and it was almost like the ata locked up or something. Asterisk sent the call over but no ring on the line

@Famicoman@mastodon.sdf.org same issue as the first time, using the internal modem on a G4 ibook... will give it a shot from different hardware/os

@natalie Damn! Thanks for testing though, I really appreciate it. Not quite sure if this is just a "voip is lousy for modems" issue or a hardware issue on my end. There have been times when I've had to try dialing a few times before connection is successful but those are few and far between.

@Famicoman@mastodon.sdf.org it seems like it wasn't even getting past the handshake at all, and i've had muuuuch better results over voip... firing up another machine now

@Famicoman@mastodon.sdf.org hm no dice. i'm ulaw all the way to the voip provider. echo cancel off. dunno :/


@natalie what provider are you using? Would be good to know in the chance I can sign up and do my own testing or see if others have the same problem with the same provider.

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