After watching the recent LGR video, I knew that I had a few Cybikos kicking around and decided to transfer over a terminal emulator and connect to a Raspberry Pi. Surprisingly the Cybiko Console software works on Windows 10 and gives you a boot log, some basic commands, and the ability to file transfer. Next step will be battery replacement and figuring out why some of these just don't work. And if anyone knows how to do an OS upgrade these days let me know.

Definitely! I've acquired a handful over the years as a rainy day project for myself and some amateur radio buddies. I haven't tested the range myself but we did have talks of replacing the antennae and or adding a linear amp, which would be super silly for these devices. LoRa is much more performant and practical these days.

@Famicoman I discovered Cybiko through LGR as well. It seems like a fun device for creating a small network outside of internet. Too bad the reach isn't there nowadays.

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