This will get a much longer writeup but I've been fixing up a broken PXL-2000 that records video to cassette tape. RF output didn't work so I performed a composite video mod. Then the lens assembly was wonky so I modified that. Soon I'll add some RCA connectors and clean heads.

Always wanted one of these when I was a teenager. Is there still an active fanbase for these?

@conceitedjerk I think there is but it is more composed of filmmakers and artists than retro tech buffs like myself.

Understood, similarily I used to be in a Gameboy Camera Funtography group a decade ago. I remember seeing a website dedicated to the PXL over 25 years ago (and probably long gone), am sort of impressed there is still an active userbase.

@Famicoman also always wanted one. I wonder what it would take to release open hardware schematics for a device like this

@Famicoman That's impressive. What are you looking at with the o-scope?

@drwho That's the video signal coming off the contact on the board you tap into for composite video out. I doesn't look quite what I expected so I'm not sure how clean it is, but I basically wanted to just check to see if something was active here before soldering up and hooking into a display.

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