Running on a Sega Genesis. Took a while to figure out how to build it, but it works! oh nice. this might reinspire me to work on the genesis peripheral project i was throwing around ideas for?

@natalie I'm a fan of all your console projects so far. I'd be excited to see what you come up with next! was basically thinking that the genesis is a decent retrocomputing platform. available dirt cheap, and there's a good C devkit for people who don't want to have to learn assembly just to get their hands dirty. only thing it's missing is computer peripherals, so keyboard/mouse, networking, nonvolatile storage. expansion port would be a great way to add all of that stuff

@natalie That sounds really awesome! I personally can't take any credit for Collapse OS, I just managed to get it to build using existing-if-not-well-documented makefiles and it appears someone did at least come up with a keyboard adapter that I believe bit-bangs over the controller port,

I like your bigger picture, and it sounds like it would be fun to play with! ideally it would be a kinda game/OS agnostic thing. lots of homebrew games that would benefit from networking (which is why megawifi exists, i suppose) now sega can sell its consoles in japans as PCs, without the console tax

@replikvlt the sources are available from the main site and it looks like the developers are fairly active: I could share a link to the rom I built if you'd like it

@Famicoman I didn't know this would be possible, impressive. How difficult was that to do?

@joeo10 Not too hard, this is technically a Master System build because Collapse OS mainly targets 8-bit Z80-based machines, but the Genesis has all the Master System hardware built into it for backwards compatibility.

The code repo has some basic steps for doing the build and quite a bit of dev notes, but I still found myself having trouble as I didn't know the prereqs to perform the build and had a few false starts with the flash cart. Then, trying to figure out enough Forth to hello world :P

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