Replacing my iPod's logic board. The only original components left are the case, display, and click wheel at this point.

@Famicoman ahh wait wait, i misinterpreted. you're replacing it with another ipod logic board right? (kudos!!!)

ipod repair crew ayy

@cblgh Indeed, just replacing with another Apple board. I intend to keep this thing going forever.

@Famicoman hell yeah~ the only thing that sucks is breaking open the clips (i'm always so hesitant and forget where and how many they are)

have you replaced the hard drive with a sd card yet? the weight & battery improvements kinda blew my mind

@cblgh Agreed, it is so easy to fix and replace components and the only issue I really have is the clips.

I did replace the disk with an iFlash and it behaves beautifully. I also run Rockbox on it and haven't had any issues.

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