I took the pager apart again and cut a piece of gold-metallic colored paper from the craft store to fit in between the screen and display. Didn't need any tape or glue, it just holds together perfectly.

The results are great and no more shadow when you're looking at it from an angle. I did a bit more light sanding, and saw how it looked in the holster!

Movie screenshot included for reference.

@skynebula @cat Thanks! I hope to wrote something up soon with a lot of pictures and .psd files and the like. I want these to be everywhere.

@Famicoman Is there an earlier part to this story? Like what the purpose of the pager is and why you took it apart?
@Famicoman Ahh yes there is, they just didn't federate to my instance (yet).

@Zach Glad you found it! I wanted to have a replica, but I've also been meaning to learn about constructing pager networks. If you're going to have a pager, you might as well have a sweet one.

@Famicoman It looks great.

Hey, are you the same Famicoman on the Internet Archive?

@Famicoman The stuff you've uploaded is fucking amazing. I've been looking for some of that stuff since the 90's!

@drwho Glad you like it! I have a lot more to scan and go through. Hopefully around December I'll have some more stuff to upload.

@Famicoman Please post when you do, I can't wait to see what else you've got.

If we ever run into each other, I'm picking up the first round.

@drwho Oh I do, I interviewed R.U. Sirius last year and we touched upon it,

I've written a handful of long retrospectives about cyberpunk zines from the '90s as well. It's really cool because I'll get contacted by people that worked on them from time to time.

@drwho The most recent was Mark Frauenfelder of bOING bOING telling me he was at the verge of tears reading the retrospective I wrote on the zine.

I love all of this stuff, and I want people to remember it.

@Famicoman That looks superb.
You've got me looking on ebay for old pagers to spray paint now, and I've accidentally ended up on a listing for twelve 'parts only' ones...

@Famicoman potentially, although they don't come with belt holsters, I'd have to source twelve replacement front labels, and I think I'd prefer one which I could use with my DAPNET account, because, well, I'm a nerd ;-)

@MatStace @Famicoman
AFAIK pager belt holsters are still sold (although they are sometimes not cheap).

I didn't know until today DAPNET was operational in the UK, although most UHF onsite pager schemes (I've set up systems for work) operate near 20 MHz higher, I'm not sure how easy it is to retune older pagers that low of if that would work well..

@vfrmedia @MatStace I really need to see if there is any intro/onboarding for DAPNET. I just got radio licensed last month, so this is right in my purview.

@Famicoman @MatStace

there is some info here (if you don't read German, the site is in also available in English)

if you have an RTL-SDR use PDW (Windows) or multimon-ng (Linux) and monitor around 439,9875 MHz or whatever frequency is used for this in USA to see if anything is there (POCSAG is easy to recognise and decode, it has a distinctive audio signature)

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