I did a rough assembly after pulling off the masking tape for the various labels/stickers. My pager doesn't say "Motorola" on the front like I want, so I bought a cheap little "Motorola OPTRX" sticker and Sharpied out the "OPTRX" bit. Looks pretty good!

Assembly was a little rough, and I don't like the gutter shadow between the screen and display. I might put white paper or something else back there soon. Still not half bad.

Oh, and did I mention it glows under black light?

@skynebula I'm planning to do a whole writeup for how to make one. Maybe one day I'd sell them, but definitely not right now.

I'm loosely following as they have a video for how they built one, but they didnt provide the image files or anything and use some different techniques. They sell them for $70-$80 each, while I think it cost me $30 or so to make this.

@Famicoman Oh no! Why did you send me this website?? (and how comes that I didn't know it?)... Know I'm gonna spend my day browsing it! :)

@skynebula It's a great site! I've contributed some of their VHS covers.

I would still kill for Dade's jacket.

@Famicoman I see that I have a promo mouse pad that is not listed... :)

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