Working more on my replica Hackers pager. Did two coats of yellow paint, and a fit test for the decal on standard white paper. Fits so well I don't think I need to make any modifications.

Will do a third coat of yellow on some of the body and print the decal on waterslide paper in the next few days!

@Famicoman How are you going to feed it messages? Been considering getting some 900mhz banded pagers like the Motorola Talkabout Pager, figure a few well placed PlutoSDRs could cover most of Seattle.

@bikecurious I'm not at present. For this iteration there will be a clear plastic film under the display for show/prop purposes.

I've made sure to keep the guts intact and have the film removable. I'd love to feed it from some sort of transmitter eventually. I'd need to dig up Motorola programming software and see what freqs are supported, as it looks like Advisors come in many configurations, or with different crystals.

There was a pager network at EMF Camp recently I'd like to research!

@Famicoman Ah, I went to ToorCamp recently and got to experience their pirate pager network, hence the desire to build one :P (tho gonna use ISM bands)

From what I have read/heard, those Motorola pagers are entirely dependent on the crystal for tuning, there is not terribly much programming that needs to be done to recycle them.

@bikecurious That's really cool! I wish people constructing these networks did writeups of some sort. There's not *too* much online about starting your own damn pirate pager network.

@Famicoman There is a bit out there like the article below, the protocol itself, POCSAG is very simple though, unlike newer protocols:

@bikecurious Awesome! I found something similar the other day regarding POCSAG and it definitely seems to be a popular route for getting these things back up and running

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