Whenever I see someone mention GopherCon, I get upset it isn't a conference about the gopher protocol.

@xmanmonk @Famicoman There has been some discussion amongst phloggers about an "actual" GopherCon, with the tentative names "Port 70" or "1436 Con: (after the gopher RFC) but nothing solid has materialised yet. @tomasino and @sysdharma are, I think, the leading proponents.

@solderpunk @xmanmonk @Famicoman @sysdharma that's right! Right now "Port 70" is winning. I'll be posting more info soon and working on a date. I'll also be prepping a gopher talk for Barcamp Philly.


@tomasino @solderpunk @xmanmonk @sysdharma Awesome, did not know BarCamp Philly was a thing, I'd love to catch that talk.

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